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Jul 6, 2012 5:00pm PDT
to them in iowa, but we'd -- we'd treat him pretty ugly down in texas. >> now, richard, is there political pressure from republicans on ben bernanke to stay out of the labor market? >> there has been pressure all along, and there's pressure to avoid the next round of what they call contative easing, which rick perry thinks is the worst evil you could imagine. the federal reserve bank rolled not just the big banks in new york, but major corporations across the world when the meltdown happened. it's the height of irresponsibility to try to play politics when the world is looking at another crisis in europe, the federal reserve may be the only institution to act as the lender of last resort for the entire world. that's american leadership. we should be celebrating that. it's scary, devastating we should go through it, but we have a unique role in the world. we shouldn't take that away just as republicans would hate the idea that america's military power shouldn't be preeminent. >> richard wolfe, thank you so much for your time. >> remember to answer tonight ffs question there at the bottom of
Jul 11, 2012 5:00pm PDT
. >> announcer: spoke to the naacp convention in houston, texas today. he delivered a speech short on specifics and long on tepid jeneralities. >> some may wonder why a republican would campaign in the african-american community and address the naacp. i hope to address every american of every race, creed, and sexual orientation. from the poorest to the richest and everyone in between. >> romney was greeted with polite applause throughout the speech, and even got some encouraging organ music. >> i can't promise you that i'll agree on every issue, but i do promise that your hospitality to me today will be returned. we will know one another. and we will work to common purpose. >> the audience gave romney their attention and a fair hearing. at the end of the speech, the crowd respectfully offered a standing ovation to the candidate. the attendees gave him some credit for showing up. unlike the previous president, george w. bush, who openly shunned any invitations to the naac prp convention. but there was one moment where mitt romney delivered an actual policy position. the recension, that was not v
Jul 25, 2012 12:00am PDT
laws in texas poll taxes. today, the department of justice launched an investigation into pennsylvania's voter id laws, too. republicans who passed these laws insist they just want a fair election. but now we have learned the attorneys defending pennsylvania's voter id rules have admitted there's. no voter fraud. the state signed a stipulation saying there have been no investigations or prosecutions of in-person voter fraud in pennsylvania. the state says there's no voter fraud. they don't even know of any cases in other states, either. not one single case, but tomorrow, they're going to trial to defend rules that could keep more than 758,000 people from voting. that's more than 9% of pennsylvania's voters. the rules hit urban areas even harder. 18% of people in philadelphia don't have state ids. so if there's no voter fraud, why keep these americans from voting? one of the state's most powerful republicans explained his support of voter id. >> voter id, which is going to allow governor romney to win the state of pennsylvania, done. >> it just don't get no clearer than that. they're tr
Jul 17, 2012 5:00pm PDT
releasing tax returns is what the people want. texas governor and alleged romney supporter rick perry had this to say. >> no matter who you are or what office you're running for, you should be as transparent as you can be. with your tax returns and other aspects of your life. >> and the editors of the conservative national review wrote, wraumny as a politician running for the highest office in the labd, and his current posture is probably unsustainable. this guy has really boxed himself in. he told the country two years of tax returns, that's all you're going to get. there's an arrogance to that, don't you think? just like rom nay told andrea mitchell last year he wasn't considering releasing any returns. >> and with regards to my tax returns, why, time will tell. that's not something i'm planning today, but never say never. >> but if you were president, it's not that hard to make a commitment, if you're elected president of the united states, you would release the tax returns. every president does. >> if i become president, then i'll consider that. it's a little premature for me to be ta
Jul 18, 2012 5:00pm PDT
says texas is awesome. biking across the country, it's awesome. and this presidency was, that was awesome, too. >> eight years was awesome. i was famous and i was powerful, but i have -- i have no desire for fame and power anymore. >> all right, but hold the phone. most americans do not think the bush years were awesome. cbs news just released this new poll tonight. 48% of registered voters think george w. bush should take most of the blame for the economist downturn. 33% think he's at least partially to blame. bush said he won't get involved in mitt romney's campaign. mitt romney probably thinks, that's pretty awesome. let's turn to crystal ball, host of msnbc's the cycle, susan dell purseio and kelly goff. thank you for coming in on this rainy night in new york city. >> awesome to be here. >> awesome. >> did any of you swim here tonight? this is teed up to have too much fun. susan, it was an awesome interview. >> apparently it was. and just in all fairness, he said it was awesome being president. he wasn't saying he was awesome, but rather it was awesome to be presiden
Jul 11, 2012 8:00pm EDT
politicians that were actually brought in, flown in, to the naacp convention in houston, texas, to be there for the president alone. they weren't there before he got there. the few meetings -- our convention started on sunday. >> i think a big key here, and i want to clarify, arethies members of the naacp? you said they were flown in. that means mitt romney rigged the crowd to support him so he could go on tv and say i got a lot of support among african-american leaders. what's happening here? >> apparently, that's what the case is. they're bringing people in that they know will support his agenda from other places that aren't active with the naacp. these are people who were brought in to actually provide the cheering forum so there will be some support along those lines. ed, let me be clear. the naacp is one of the most respectful organizations on the continent. quite frankly, we have heard from many republican candidates in the past. if they say things we disagree with. we sit on our hands and listen politely. we really do want to hear from all sides. we're nonpartisan. for u
Jul 31, 2012 12:00am PDT
brush down on his branch -- on his ranch in texas. but i think what's really interesting here is how prominent a role the obama team decided to give bill clinton and i, for one, think this is a very shrewd move politically because bill clinton can reach precisely the voters that barack obama is having some trouble reaching, particularly white working class voters. if romney doesn't have a margin of around 25% in this group, he's in trouble. if obama can only lose by 15%, he's in good shape. bill clinton can reach those voters. the second thing is, whose tax rates are -- is barack obama trying to restore? he's trying to restore the clinton rates. who can make a better case for clinton economics than bill clinton himself? and that's the other constituency. upper middle class people who may not want to pay the clinton rates sure have fond memories of the economy in the clinton years. >> whatever you said about him, at least your pocketbook was in good shape and the bottom line was being observed. clinton, as economic messengers, is that very effective, or very, very effective? >> i thin
Jul 10, 2012 8:00pm PDT
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Jul 16, 2012 5:00pm PDT
grew up in east texas and was fortunate to go to work in a factory when i was 19 years old. there were 1,000 men and women including my father, my uncles and a a lot of kids i grew up with. in 1962, they opened the factory there. five years ago, they shut the factory down. when they walked through the factory handing out pink slips, they didn't ask if you were a democrat or republican, they said this tire production isn't going to be here and it sits in china. think about the middle-class voter sitting at home watching the commercial. no matter if they're democrat or republican thinking that's not right. that could be my job overseas. >> this is president obama running on the compassionate sensibilities of the american people that a lot of americans will put themselves in the place of that displaced worker. then mitt romney of course has a record of showing a very callous attitude towards shipping jobs overseas. is this going to be the winning formula to win the middle class? >> there are a lot of middle class voters just like you said, ed, that are hurting. the whole fact of this enti
Search Results 0 to 39 of about 40 (some duplicates have been removed)